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Vet-er-an; (from Latin vetus, meaning "seasoned"), n. Veteran is a person who is experienced or practiced in an activity or capacity, usually referred to armed forces personnel. This is the only portal where veterans from Indian services (uniformed and non-uniformed) can connect with each other and find other useful information. This free service is, by no means, limited only to ex-servicemen, rather, is a place where serving as well non-serving members of Indian forces can communicate with each other. e-Groups, Real-time chat, Search your coursemates/regiment-types, browse jobs (exclusively for veterans), post your CV, search your school, organization, post articles ... and a lot more.
Thumb rule: Every communication on this site should be legal, and appropriate for all ages. Please adhere to the Rules and Regulations. Please take sufficient measures to protect your safety and privacy when posting to public sites or when contacting others. By performing any activity at this website, you agree to hold neither the IndianVeterans, owners, moderators, nor anyone affiliated with this site, responsible or liable for any circumstance resulting from any activity on this site.
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